• Our Story

    The journey to building Nigeria’s most trusted source for event venues and planning information started in the United Kingdom. A very close friend to the co-founder, originally from Nigeria but now based in the UK, was planning to get married and wanted it all done in Nigeria (both the traditional and white).

    Knowing his background in Nigeria, he approached the co-founder for help in getting the right hall and any affordable planning services, as he had tried getting such information from the Internet but cannot find any convincing or complete source for such services. The co-founder also took to the Internet to help solve his problem but couldn’t find any suitable information to meet his immediate needs. The few websites available either lacks appropriate pictures of the spaces or have incomplete or incorrect venue and contact information.

    After calling a few friends back home, the most suitable advice for the co-founder was to travel down to come see the spaces for himself and not trust any online source for venue information, not to even mention online booking. Knowing the traffic situation in Lagos, it was an instant problem for the co-founder, as he would have to visit several halls and spaces to meet the demands of his friend who has never been to Nigeria in a long time.

    In an era of rapid technological advancement, not having a trusted online source with accurate visuals of halls and spaces, as well as easy access to expert recommendations and planning services, was totally unacceptable to the co-founder and he set out to solve this problem. The entire experience birthed Eventstop.ng.

  • Our goal

    To make 85% of venues and spaces in Nigeria accessible to all over the next five years and to become our client’s first-choice solutions company for their event needs by the year 2030.

  • How we intend to serve you

    Our aim at eventstop.ng is to become your first point of contact whenever you have a special event to plan or attend. We hope to serve as your trusted source for information on venues, halls or spaces in Nigeria tailored according to your needs. We understand the hassle in searching, viewing and booking suitable venues for your events and we aim to tackle this problem with a free and easy to use technology solution service you can trust.

    We also have the best-in-class support services available to furnish you with any information necessary for a successful event. Our official event planners are well experienced, at both the individual and corporate level, to plan and deliver your dream event successfully, through our Eventstop Xtra channel. Don’t forget to also check our vendor deals page for some quality products and services at cheaper prices from various event vendors scattered across the country.

  • Our Social Side

    We believe one of the best places to network is at events and that can take place in and out of a venue or space. Our goal is to enhance the social purpose at the heart of every gathering technologically through services such as our EventApps (to engage audiences before and after a major conference or concert), Share-a-ride (to pick up or join other people going to the same venue or event as you) and Convey-your-guest (for interstate transportation of people or your loved ones to and from a venue or an event) and other relationship fostering services.

    We are very active on social media too. From tweeting about new venues or discount information to connecting with fellow Eventstoppers on Instagram, we are everywhere you want us to be in order to serve you better.

  • Our Partners

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    Jekalo.com is an Internet company offering a social/professional car-sharing proposition within Lagos and duly registered in Nigeria. The company enables its users to list their rides for other users interested in the same route to join. The platform verifies each user using the industry best practices to ensure safety of ride sharers and those joining a ride to a particular destination. There are also rewards for sharing a ride such as free N1000 fuel voucher instantly and 50litres of fuel by offering 5-10 completed rides and many more. This partnership enables our users to share rides with other attendees to any event venue in Lagos. Learn more about the service here

  • Endorsed By

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    We are a member of the Association of Professional Party Organizers and Event Managers of Nigeria, an association set up to regulate the practice of the Event Management and associated industries and professionals in Nigeria. More information about the association can be found on: www.appoemn.org.