Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Eventstop.ng?

    Eventstop.ng is a social venue marketplace that eases the search for suitable venues for event purposes, while promoting the social aspects at the heart of every gathering. The venue marketplace is an online home to thousands of trusted venues across the country, accessible at the click of a button, and the platform promotes networking opportunity by allowing users to share rides to their venue, convey guests to venue locations and more, through charter services from our strategic partners.

    It serves as a complete venue solution to busy professionals; a venue search tool to current and future event planners; an event partner to organizations; and as a social platform for socialites who want to get their events done with an opportunity to network even further. It is suitable for anyone willing to bring people together under a roof for a common, noble, cause. Eventstop.ng also handles planning and concierge services through its Eventstop Xtra channel.

  • Who is an Eventstopper?

    Eventstopper (Coined from the word-  Showstopper)

    Noun    / Event·stop·per    / I-ˈvent/-ˌstä-pər/

    1. Someone hosting an exceptionally eye-catching or glamorous event.
    2. Someone, so charming and stylish, that they become other people’s focal point at any event they attend.
    3. An organization playing host to an event that becomes the envy of competitors, the pride of customers and an attraction to prospects.
  • Why book your space on Eventstop.ng

    We provide access to venues in choice locations, with complete and verified contact information of venue representatives, to enable you decide how to better meet your event needs.

    Using our Concierge service to book a venue/space provides access to heavily discounted prices of spaces for your events. You will also receive additional freebies such as free coupons to use at the vendor deals section, share-a-ride customized link and other transportation vouchers for use by guests on your event day.

    Our experience planners can assist in turning your idea of a perfect event into an experience and our commissions are equally as good as free when you engage our planning services.

    Our platform is built with you in mind to enable you meet your budget requirements, which is why we have a vendor deals section to display quality products and event vendor services with attractive prices to help you spend less while you get lots done.

    Our support services will be there to assist you all the way till your dream of a perfect event is realized. We take off the stress from searching for a suitable venue to planning and executing your event needs with best in class customer support services.

  • How do I look for venues?

    By using Eventstop.ng, our customers have the power in their hands. Our search allows you to be very detailed. You can filter based on the number of people, and location etc. When you use our concierge service, we go into details that will suit your needs without leaving any stone unturned in order provide you with a rich and perfect experience. You can also check ratings and reviews of venues left by other users who have used the venue in the past or who have visited the venue recently, so you can book your space(s) with ease.

  • How much does it cost?

    Zero cost. We don’t charge any fee for using the platform to search and contact venue managers directly!  We only charge a certain percentage when using our concierge or planning services but we promise you it is the best rate ever in the industry. Send us your event requirements today by filling out our event planning or concierge form and one of our expert will get back to you immediately.

  • How do I book?

    You either book by contacting the venue representative directly through the contact information provided on our platform. We have also set up our Concierge service to assist and make your booking process seamless with access to great discounts on spaces and additional services. Just get in touch with us and we will handle the rest.

  • How do I Register or list my venue/space on Eventstop.ng

    Venue Owners 

    • Setting up an account is easy. Simply add your details. This process only takes seconds. 
    • Your account will be verified by our administrator and approved if all details are accurately provided. After your profile is approved, you can start adding/building your venue profile. 
    • Add one or more spaces available to your venue including pictures and a detailed description. 

    • Preview your space/spaces and venue profiles and publish when you're ready. 

    • Your venue spaces are now live and ready to accept bookings



    • Setting up an account is easy. Simply add your details or sign in with your Facebook/Twitter account. This process only takes seconds.
    • Your account will be verified by our administrator and approved if all details are accurately provided. After your profile is approved, you can then manage your booking, view live venues calendars, reserve, and book or schedule a visit to any venue.

  • Can I Open/use Eventstop.ng from any device?

    Yes you can! We take user experience very seriously and we pay great attention to our site’s responsiveness. So therefore, you can access evenstop.ng on your mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

  • How do I reduce my search list?

    There are loads of ways to narrow down your venue search, you may prefer to add a budget or event type and city preferences from the very start. Just click over on the search button and even after your initial search, you can still filter further before selecting the venue of your choice.

  • What's the difference between a space and a venue?

    When you book on our platform, you are actually booking one of the spaces within a venue. One venue can offer one space or more spaces. If you need to know about the use of other facilities, such as the VIP room, outdoor spaces etc. Please don’t forget to check with us before you book. You can also find detailed information of all the spaces listed by a venue on our platform and the facilities available to you by checking the venue mini page (www.eventstop.ng/v/the-name-of-the-venue) of your preferred venue.

  • Can I book a venue out of Nigeria?

    At the moment, our platform is only available for venues in Nigeria, but our plan is to grow quickly to other locations in West Africa and beyond. Follow us on closely on our social media accounts so you can be the first to know.

  • Can I change a booking that has already been confirmed?

    This solely depends on the venue administrator flexibility and the venue policies. We recommend you read also our privacy policy and terms of use carefully to get additional information regarding this.

  • What if the venue is not what I expected?

    The venue is responsible for delivery of every service or feature it provided details of in its listed profile/minipages. Actually, we provide our customers with pictures and a virtual tour option of all the listed venues on our platform to bring viewing of venues facilities closest to reality as possible. If there was something about the venue or space you didn't find appropriate, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We also urge you to leave a review to tell other users of our platform what you liked about a venue and what you didn't like about the space you booked.

  • Can’t log in into my account?

    Contact our customer service (here) and we will fix it for you in seconds or use the forgot your password option on the website.

  • How can I get listed on Eventstop as a vendor?

    This is simple and easy.

    1. Visit eventstop.ng/vendor-deals
    2. Click on “list a deal”
    3. Click on create “vendor account”
    4. Check your email for vendor activation message. Follow the steps in the e-mail to activate your account.
    5. Start listing your product/service deals!

  • What do I have to do after listing my product or services on Eventstop.ng?

    Nothing. After your listing is live on our website, one of our representatives will contact you for further discussions within 24-48hrs.

  • Which category does my business fall under?

    You know your business more than we do. So you are in the position to choose the category that best suit your business. For more help in finding your product category, please call our customer care line for further assistance.

  • What do I do to have my listing featured at the top page of the category I am operating in?

    Kindly contact us for more information at: info@eventstop.ng

  • Can I search deals without registering?

    Absolutely. You can search across a wide range of deals without the need for registration. However, to claim a deal or engage with a particular vendor, you will need to register in order to enjoy the additional website features and offerings.

  • What are the Benefits of listing on Eventstop Vendor Deals page?

    There are 5 unique benefits for listing your product/service on eventstop. These are:

    1. Increase in sales
    2. Online presence all year round 24/7, 365days/year
    3. Larger customer base (Nationwide & Overseas).
    4. Free online promotion of your product or services listed on our website.
    5. Vendor networking

  • What do I do if I have a question regarding a deal listed on your site?

    Kindly call us on (08034596159) or e-mail our customer care department at (info@eventstop.ng) for help. You can also (chat) with us directly on our website.

  • How will customers pay for my product or services listed on Eventstop.ng?

    Customers can make payment for product/service in 2 ways on our website:

    1. Online card payment (Debit card/Credit card - Mastercard, Visa, Verve cards etc.) on our website.
    2. Bank transfer

  • How can I unsubscribe from your daily newsletter?

    Unsubscribe from Eventstop newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of the email received and follow the steps provided.

  • Can I trust my Card Details on eventstop.ng?

    Yes, you can trust your card details with us. We are in partnership with Paystack, which uses 3-D Secure, HTTPS, SSL encryption Technology to protect your card information.

  • Do you deliver outside Lagos?

    Yes, Eventstop delivers nationwide through our partner company.

  • What is the delivery deadline for purchased orders on eventstop.ng?

    We can guarantee 3-5 working days from date of purchase, Kindly check the vendor page for additional information regarding his delivery terms and conditions.

  • What happens if I didn’t receive my order on time?

    We always keep to our word by delivering as promised. However, if after the delivery deadline, you are yet to receive your order, kindly contact us on (08034596159) or e-mail our customer care department at (info@eventstop.ng) for further assistance. You can also (chat) with us directly on our website citing your order # and we will respond as appropriate.

  • Is there a charge for delivery?

    Every delivery attracts a shipping charge. The charges are calculated based on the weight of the order and the specified delivery address.

  • What is eventstop.ng return policy?

    What you see is what you get! At Eventstop.ng, we always exceed our customers’ expectations and also, we take quality very seriously.


    NB: Not all products will be accepted as returns. Contact us for additional information.

  • How do I cancel an order?

    Kindly contact our customer care department for any item cancellation request.

  • Are there any warranty or hidden costs? E.g. Government tax, Sales etc.

    The prices you see on our website checkout page is final. What you see is what you pay and our prices are inclusive of tax and shipping cost.

  • How can I contact Eventstop.ng?

    We are available and reachable through any means that is most convenient for you: phone, email or live chat.

  • Can we help you with something else?

    We hope so. If you didn't find the answer to your questions on this page, please get in touch with us here.