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Share a Ride

At the heart of every gathering is the opportunity to network. Whether it is an annual general meeting or a wedding ceremony, people come together for a purpose. We at eventstop believe that relationships can be formed not only after arriving at an event venue but also before, which is why we have services designed to help foster these healthy relationships.

With our Share-a-ride feature, you can share your ride and encourage your guests to follow suits, by sharing their rides with other attendees, to your event location.

We have put in place measures to ensure this is done in a safe, secure, fast and convenient manner, which is why we have partnered with leading technology companies to provide these unique add-on services. Read more on our partner websites by clicking the Share-a-ride button below.

How to use this service

Simply register your details and login into your account on

Select the Share-a-ride option

Enter required information and check ride availability or list your ride so attendees can join your ride.

Share, join or charter a ride to your venue destination.