Become A Trusted Venue

Become A Trusted Venue

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Having the trusted sign on your venue profile shows prospects and customers that it has passed through our rigorous validation process and deemed fit to be listed with the trusted logo. For your venue or spaces to become trusted, your contact information has to be accurate, the images and video have to be a true representation of what your venue and spaces are when visited, the BMS has to be accurately populated and updated for available dates and the features and services listed have to be similar to what is provided on site. Having the trusted logo displayed on your profile has been proven to lead to more sales of your spaces and can make your venue compete successfully with others.

To become a trusted venue today, here are the steps to follow:

  • Ensure your profile is accurately completed with necessary information.
  • Submit your venue for photograph and video capturing by submitting your completed profile.
  • Apply for the trusted status for your venue and spaces by clicking the get started button below and a representative of ours will be in touch to complete the process with you.

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